11 Unusual Musical Instruments with Weird Names

Everything is music, from the typing to the professional instruments. But there are 11 unusual musical instruments with weird names that you might saw or heard but there is no way that you could pronounce their names from the first try.

As kids, we are already introduced to some of the most frequent musical instruments and we are usually getting them for presents for fun. The most frequent ones are keyboards and drums but lately, the trumpet and the guitar are also common in every child’s toys collection.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Sure, they are all plastic and there is no way that they are going to produce the right original sounds but they are so interesting to play with. Besides, it is the right start to introduce the child to the music in general and, who knows, maybe some love towards it will be born.

As said earlier, everything can be the music and there are millions of different YouTube videos out there to prove that. From some basic sounds such as knocking on the door to even smoothing glasses. Since all of those sounds can be helpful when making the music, each day experts come up with some new instrument or, at least, the version of some instrument. For example, the acoustic guitar is very popular among all generations for decades but there are now many more versions of it such as the bass guitar for example that is the part of the guitar family but provides completely unique sound.

On the other hand, there are many new instruments that aren’t just harder to play but to be named as well. Whether it is because the creators wanted them to sound more sophisticated or more complicated, no one will ever know, but not just that they came up with strange instruments but they also came up with completely weird names.

One of the unusual instruments that come to everyone’s mind is the 12 neck guitar. It is literally 12 guitars morphed into one with 12 necks. Let’s be real, the majority of us can’t handle one simple guitar with only one neck. The person who can play this 12 neck guitar is the wunderkind and should be getting a monument! But since the name is not weird enough (believe it or not), this creation of Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh didn’t make to the list. Obviously, there are more freaky examples. So let’s see those 11 unusual musical instruments with weird names.

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