12 Best Environmental Documentaries on YouTube

Preservation of the environment is one of the imperatives of the modern world, but do you know which are the best environmental documentaries on YouTube? The polar caps are melting, the climate patterns are changing, but most of the world population is still unable to take a hint.

In contemporary conditions of our economic and social development, environmental protection and its further improvement are a significant issue for which our society is permanently interested. The technological process, accompanied by the elaboration of the productive forces and increasing the economic potential of the country, as well as the development of social relations, enable wider changes regarding the material position and way of life of man. But at the same time, this development has created some problems, particular hazards, and risks, a greater degree of human endangerment in the working and the environment. It should not be forgotten that a person can sustain his vital abilities and survive as a social being only if he regulates and harmonizes his relations not only with his community but with other living organisms in his midst, which is undoubtedly neither easy nor easy. The radical environmental organization under the name Earth Liberation Front was referred as the biggest terrorist threat in America by the FBI. This documentary offers you an insight into the structure following Daniel McGowan, a member of the Earth Liberation Front. Did you ever hear about The Island President? The documentary follows the President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed, who brought democracy to the country after 30 years, stepping into an even greater battle. Modern science, technology, and technical are not and can not be factors, which in themselves threaten the environment, but they are primarily human behavior and poor social relations in which contemporary processes of development take place not only in our country And much of the world. Hence, it is important to change the relationship of man to the environment and its existing wealth. By degrading entire ecosystems by drastically eliminating the legitimacy of the natural balance, the man also conditions the immediate future of humanity, and hence the existing social relations. Social relations and cultural aspects of human behavior make the basis of its relationship to the environment more complex and qualitatively different about all other types. In addition to other air pollutants and the environment of man, there is a higher degree of use and use of tobacco, which is especially harmful to health.

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