12 Best Karaoke Songs For Couples

Tonight is a night, a date night. Instead of going out for some formal drink or dinner, move to some bar instead and have fun with some of these 12 best karaoke songs for couples.

Is there a nicest way to tell someone how much you love and appreciate them than looking in their eyes while the music is playing in the back and sing some lyrics like ‘’Lucky I’m in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where I have been, lucky to be coming home again’’. Find me the person who wouldn’t melt right away!

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Each now and then, especially if you are married for a long time, it is nice to arrange a date night. Call a babysitter or your kids can have a sleepover at their friend’s or relative’s house and you can take your husband/wife on a special date to have a little fun. It is nice to refreshen your relationship from now and then and to remember why you fall in love with your spouse. You can still be young and in love like you have met two days ago. Drink, party, sing along and get back home for a romantic bath and hot night with wine. Being a parent doesn’t make you less of a human being. Being a parent doesn’t make you less of a person with the need. Being a parent doesn’t make you less of a sexual being.  Go get crazy! Go get some fun! Sing along! Go to a concert! Or make a concert on your own. Sing a love song to your soul mate! Dance again! There is nothing there to stop you!

And you don’t need to be married to do it. Karaoke for couples is for all couples. It doesn’t matter if you are married with children, or in a 5-year relationship. This is a great idea even for a first date. There is a room for everyone. Just pay attention if this is your first date. Try not to mention words ‘forever’ or ‘I will marry you tomorrow’ or anything referring to coming to your date’s house in a middle of the night. It is a bit creepy for a first date. Wait for at least 5th for it.

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