12 Best Vacation Spots To Get Laid

It’s summer time and these are 12 best vacation spots to get laid!

If you are single, I see no harm in having a protected one-night stand or some summer love that will rock your world. Let’s face it, summer love is the easiest love. No one gets attached, no one gets hurt, and you just go out there and have some night to remember. Why not? As long as you protect yourself with condoms, there is no way that something can go wrong. Unless you pick a girl whose boyfriend is three times your size. In that case, pack your bags and get back home to your mommy.

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There is something that I want to emphasize: I don’t want to say that people from these places are promiscuous or anything else. They are just having fun as you do. Besides, you can run into someone who is also visiting there and have some fun as well, why not? But pay attention where they are from. Remember Greece? Maybe your Sandy comes to live just around the corner when you get back home. Depending on the girl, you might not want that to happen.

On the other hand, you don’t need to find some hot one-night-stand there. If you already have your special someone, you won’t be missing anything if you pack their bags to come with you as well. These places offer a variety of options and you can experiment as long as you want. I guarantee you, even if two of you are still a bit ashamed in bed, these places will release your every animal desire and you won’t get enough. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, am I right? As a matter effect, Vegas actually is the best vacation spot to get laid, at least according to this list. As you already know, the whole Las Vegas isn’t a place where you want to raise your child. This is actually the place where you might make one. There are strip clubs everywhere, regular clubs everywhere, drunk people in every corner, little chapels where you can get legally marry anyone you just met, and, of course, gambling.
The only reason why this city is so wealthy is that there are a lot of wealthy people willing to come here and leave a part of their wealth on Las Vegas’ roulette. For some people, getting in Las Vegas is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so why not to release the chains at least for a night? Besides Las Vegas, what other city is the best vacation spot to get laid?

Check out the list of 12 best vacation spots to get laid and enjoy the summer.

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