12 Cheap All Inclusive Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Do you have a dream of getting married in Vegas? Let me tell you about 12 cheap all inclusive Las Vegas wedding packages that are getting more popular each day.

Wedding ceremonies really got too far. First of all, they were always too expensive. Wedding dresses, suits, restaurant, a priest, flower arrangements, wedding rings, food, drinks and many smaller costs that turn out to be too much after everything is calculated.


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Nowadays, they became even more expensive. All the brides and grooms want luxury. They book the most expensive places for a wedding ceremony and a party, they rent limousines, take several photo shootings, enormous cakes that can’t be eaten for a month, a wedding planner is a must and many other decorations and add-ons that no one really needs. The only ones that made a lot of money out of it are people who made a profession out of it: wedding planners and rent-a-bridesmaid. Yes, that’s a thing. But I don’t really get it. Wedding planners are supposed to plan everything. The way I see it, they only have a list that they are checking each day and everything else is up to future bride and groom. They have to go everywhere with a wedding planner, check everything, pick everything, taste everything, and chase everything.
On the other hand, rent-a-bridesmaid is a great job for girls that have some spare time and are very well organized. They are supposed to do the job of the real bridesmaids – make sure that everything goes the way it is planned. The only thing that the real bridesmaids have to do is be uglier than a bride and take pictures.

But besides that perfect day that always becomes imperfect, what do bride and groom have at the end? Let me tell you: pictures and bills. A lot of bills. So many bills that they have to financially suffer for the next 10 years just because of that one day. And even if their family decides to give money for everything, wouldn’t it be better if they gave that money to bride and groom to invest in something. For example, buying their own place? Or at least give them one part of the whole amount? While some people, especially brides, think that one day is worth it, many younger people have a same opinion as I do. Therefore, so many young people decide on a smaller wedding, with the closest family and friends and sometimes even just them and two witnesses. Because of their family who doesn’t support it or because of their spirit, they decide to run away and get married in Las Vegas. If you had that in mind, here are 12 cheap all inclusive Las Vegas wedding packages.

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