12 Computer Science Activities for Elementary Students

If a child is already into computers and looks forward to learning more, it is a lot better to entertain them with these 12 computer science activities for elementary students than letting them play senseless games whole day.

The demand for the IT experts is rising on a global level and today’s market accepts all generations, including the high school members. Although it is forbidden in some cases to employ persons under the age of 18, it isn’t such a bad thing for people to gain some skills while they are still younger. Since the technology is being improved each day, it is likely that the things IT professionals are familiar now would be completely unnecessary in less than 10 years.

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As always, the best thing is to start from scratch and those are the easiest things the web or app developers can do at the beginning. Online tutorials regarding development’s basics is sometimes too complicated for people, especially because it is already assumed that all the current students are familiar with some terms, which is why, in most cases, people, especially the ones that just entered the computer science world, spend 60% of the time they scheduled for learning on googling unknown terms.

Kids, on the other hand, can master everything quicker than the adults, especially because of their well-developed genetically visual memory and an open mind. But, still, it is harder for them to remember black on white sentences, that are most frequent in this matter. Luckily, there are different computer and non-computer games that can help them be entertained and learn the computer basics at the same time.

For example, coding is the concrete of every programming and it is pretty hard to be mastered. But every kid loves Lego and the best part of it is that it can be combined with programming. How? For example, by using just two cube colors, a child can easily learn the binary alphabet and start writing codes by putting these bricks together. As I said, visual memory is one of the strongest skills that children own, and, since the binary alphabet only uses two different digits for a 7-digit code, it won’t be hard for a child to remember them by using bricks.

But, if a child prefers computer video games, it can also be useful in this matter. There are many computer games out there that are actually meant for both children and adults to realize how all of these links and systems work together and it will be easier for them to master computer science once they start learning it more seriously.

So, if your child or a student shows the capabilities of becoming a new tech-savvy, here is the list of 12 computer science activities for elementary students.

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