12 Computer Science Activities for Elementary Students

Are you searching computer science activities for elementary students? Now you are at the right place as Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great answers for this question. It’s advisable for children to begin learning IT and computer science from the very young age, since demand for IT experts are growing globally.

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A good method was developed for children to understand the computer science, it is more and more widely used, and that is learning computer science without a computer! This method, also known as the unplugged computer science, has shown great success, and it is also widely used in the number one country in education, Finland. There are many ways which cildren can learn computer science with, so you can choose among them. Now Insider Monkey has investigated and hown us 12 activites. When reading the article I was really amazed how easily children can be motivated and taught. These activities are not only useful but a great fun as well. I recommend to foloow up the article especially you have children or you are a teacher.

For now we have picked three activities from Insider Monkey’s list. The first activity is Adventure on the High Seas. This computer-based activity consists of pupils animating the boat and the sea. It is a great introduction to the Scratch programming language, and it only takes about 40-50 minutes to finish the activity. The next one is Treasure Hunt. This is a playground game where children run around trying to complete the pirate’s map to reach the goal – find the Treasure Island. This game consists of going between participants collecting data in order to fulfill the map of connections, and this way get to understand the finite-state automaton (FSA). You will see the activity’s details in the video Insider Monkey shows to you. The third one for now is Three Word Stories. This is also an “unplugged” activity which can involve only two people. The goal of this game is to make your partner get the hidden word by explaining it with three other words. I think all of them are great and to tell you the truth is I like ll of them, and although I am not an elementary student any more, I would renjoy these activities, too.

For any further useful tips, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about  12 computer science activities for elementary students.

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