12 Countries with Highest Rice Consumption Per Capita

This article will bring you to the list of countries with the highest rice consumption per capita. Keep reading the whole compilation on Insider Monkey’s site. Rice is exquisite food. Its taste is usually neutral, and it makes it an excellent side dish. You can add different spices to create incredible sensations for your palate. Also, rice health benefits and advantages are always mentioned at food blogs. Usually, brown rice gets more praise, but the white type is very good, too. This food gives you energy while being low in calories. In addition, it aids skin care and digestion. Needless to say, your immune system loves it. But let’s talk figures.

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As for me, I’m not a big rice fan. I much prefer potatoes, any kind of meals made of potatoes. Perhaps this is why I can’t really prepare rice properly. But when I go to a Chinese restaurant, I pretty like their rice. Anyway, reading through this article, I found that there are countries where people eat more than two hundred kilos of rice per capita! i think I would never be able to eat so much rice….

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three countries with the highest rice consumption per capita from their list.

The first one is India, where the annual rice consumption is 97,000,000,000 tons, and they eat 71 kg of rice per capita. India is the second country in the world when it comes to rice consumption by country. It’s impossible to eat curry without some nicely boiled rice, isn’t it? The second country on this list should be Indonesia, where the annual rice consumption is 37,600,000,000 tons. People eat 140 kg of rice per capita here. As we have mentioned before, Indonesia is in the third place when it comes to rice consumption per country, but it appears its annual consumption per capita is “mere” 140 kg. At last, but not least we are mentioning Burma (Myanmar) , where the annual rice consumption is 10,850,000,000 tons, and 201 kg per capita. Now we’re starting with some really serious numbers. As you can see, the citizens of Burma eat about 50 kg more rice than the Thai people.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 12 countries with the highest rice consumption per capita.

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