12 Famous Modern Sculptures in The World

If you are into modern arts, here are 12 famous modern sculptures in the world to check out.

You can’t live from arts and we have hundreds and hundreds of years of experience to prove it. No one can count down the exact number of people trying to live off the arts and died as homeless people or the ones that realized on time that there is no real money in arts and found another job just to survive. But the point is in not giving up ever and making this world more beautiful by making masterpieces.

Pixabay/Public Domain

We have all heard about Michelangelo and his most famous sculpture of David, but how many of you have heard about Ushiku Daibutsu? You don’t even know how to read its name, right? If it makes it any easier, neither do I. Ushiku Daibutsu is one of the three tallest sculptures in the world with the height of 393 feet. It also has 33 feet base and 33 feet platform. It was built in 1993 in Ushiku, Japanese town where it is located today as well. It is made for the commemoration of the birth of the former Tendai Japanese Monk Shinran, the founder of Jodo Shinshu, the school of the Pure Land Buddhism. The statue is made out of bronze and there is an elevator that takes visitors to the observation floor at 279 ft. This is one of the statues that is definitely worth seeing, but the problem is that today’s modern people don’t know anything about it,

When did we stop paying attention to the arts and the cultures in general? We know only about the things that we were taught about in school but that’s it. We heard about Picasso and Da Vinci, but how many of you heard the name, Edvard Eriksen? How many of you have seen his masterpiece, The Little Mermaid? He made it back in 1913 and this bronze statue is now located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

These two sculptures that I mentioned are not the only two pieces that people around the world have not ever heard about but are worth mentioning. Just look around you. Is there any monument in the place you live in? Do you know who made it and why that person made it?
No matter how irrelevant it might look, each piece is important because it is the part of our history. Giving that said, let’s check out 12 famous modern sculptures in the world that Insider Monkey started with.

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