12 Unhealthiest Countries in The World

With the medicine developing every day, a man would say that our health is even better, but these 12 unhealthiest countries in the world are proving that we are wrong.

We evolve every day and the pharmaceutical industry is making an effort to produce as many natural products that will make our lives even better. Even though some antibiotics have to drink for some more serious health issues, they are influencing our other parts. For example, when drinking antibiotics for a throat, we are destroying our stomachs.


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But, when you think about it, why do we even live on medicine? It is supposed to prolong our lives but the more the medicine is improved, the shorter life we live. How many examples you have around the world where people celebrated their 100th birthday? I don’t really think that there were better medications at the beginning of the 20th century than there are now. People lived on natural food and drinks and that is probably the reason why they lived longer. Although some more serious diseases could easily kill them because they were inoperable, even with the medicine being more developed than ever, those diseases still kill hundreds of people.

Have you ever thought why we got so sick? Personally, I believe that the main reason is that we have drugs for everything. Even for the smallest cough, we are taking different medicines in forms of pills or sprays. But what for? Drink some tea, take menthol candy, drink warm milk, put some alcohol on your chest and throat, and everything will get back to normal. If you think about it, babies are the weakest little persons that require the most special care. But, whenever scared parents bring their child to the hospital, the majority of doctors recommend natural products that can’t be found in a pharmacy. When my child had cramps, doctors recommended some drugs, if I want to, but she was more for giving him the water where I cook rice or some weak tea. When he had his ear hurt, they told me to use nuts and some special plants. When I was supposed to give him his first bottle, the doctor recommended avoiding formulas and finding some reliable person that has his own farm where he produces milk.

But why people from these countries get so sick? Let’s see 12 unhealthiest countries in the world and find out their reasons.

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