13 Best Small Lightweight Digital SLR Cameras

Looking to buy a new camera? Here are 13 best small lightweight digital SLR cameras.

I hate my phone. I thought it was one of the best, with 16 MP back- and 8 MP front camera, I was delighted that I will be able to record every special moment in my life. The christening of my child, his first steps, his first words, his first day of kindergarten, my birthday, my outfits for wedding ceremonies, our everyday moments when he kisses or hugs me when we play around and make a mess when he does something interesting etc.

So, imagine my disappointment when I turned on the camera after two months and realized that my camera became blur. I immediately looked for any flaws and scratches but there were none. I went online and realized that all the buyers had the same issue. Camera worked fine for a while and after the certain number of pictures and videos, it went crazy. No one knows why and manufacturers never answered it properly. So, I ended up taking awful images of my child and using other people’s cameras when they were around.  I will pray a day when I will have enough savings to buy a new phone. Until then, I am on my own.

But, unlike me, many people are still relying on good old digital SLR cameras. Since the beginning of a mobile cameras era, manufacturers of digital SLR cameras tried to find the best ways to make their products more desirable and sold. So, they improved the focus, the number of pixels, number of options for capturing, filters, darkening, and the weight. Have you ever taken a professional camera in your hands? I have and I couldn’t hold it. It was too big and too heavy and I was really astonished by people using it. But, after all, it was their job and those cameras were the best. Well, now they aren’t. They are for professionals, but they are smaller and they are a lot lighter and can be held by a child as well.

They are not always that expensive as well. They can be found for a much approachable price and everyone can have them by themselves. One of the perks of having a light digital SLR camera is that you can bring them everywhere with you and there is no pause or deleting a video if someone calls you in a middle of it. I know how many times that happened to me.
So now, I give you the list of 13 best small lightweight digital SLR cameras.

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