13 Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Brands For Color Treated Hair

If you were looking for a shampoo that won’t  damage your colored hair while washing, you need one of 13 best sulfate free shampoo brands for color treated hair.

Dying hair is trendy. Both males and females are experimenting with all kinds of different colors, from basic black, brown, and blond, like it was for the past couple of decades, to the whole spectrum of colors nowadays. It looks cool. It looks hip. But it damages your hair a lot.


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I had a friend who was dying to have red hair. And she managed to pull it off for a long time. But her hair became dry very soon and started falling. Whenever she brushed her hair, a whole bunch of hair would be left on the brush, along with the color. After a while, she couldn’t tie her hair because her hair was too thin. And it wasn’t the worst thing that happened to her. After wanting to change color into something more natural, she couldn’t wash out the color and there was no appliance to do it without damaging her hair. Of course, she ended up with having to have her hair cut to a male haircut.
And she is not the single case.

We are amazing just the way we are. We have to be aware of that. But changing something on ourselves from time to time is fine. Actually, not fine, but great. Not because of other people, but because of ourselves. It isn’t such a big issue when someone gets tired of us. The problem appears when we get tired of ourselves. When we get bored with looking at the exact same thing for years. Same hair color, same haircut, same clothing style, same makeup every single day. But just imagine how excited and confident you feel when you just buy a new bag and wear it the next day. it is the same thing with your hair. Dying it from time to time is completely fine. Covering up weaknesses is fine, especially when you get older. Who cares if you feel better? Or experimenting with colors? It is your head and hair after all. But you have to treat your hair even better if you decide to dye it. There are different, more expensive treatments for your hair and many products to buy that are supposed to treat your hair. But not everything you hear on commercials is true. So, today, I will give you the list of 13 best sulfate free shampoo brands for color treated hair.

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