13 Current Debate Topics for Engineering Students

What are the current debate topics for engineering students?  Having an interesting, intelligent debate with others can fresh up our minds. There are lots of current topics for engineering students which can be discussed at school. 

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Debate topics on modern technology are just what the engineer likes to discuss, no matter what field of engineering he’s in. Some topics may be more important to certain types of engineers, however. Hot debate topics for mechanical engineering students may not be as hot for electrical engineers as debate topics specifically for electrical engineering students are. While civil engineering debate topics can be a whole different ballgame. But all types are discussed in this article, so have no fear. Technology related debate topics are everywhere these days. They come up almost daily, whether you’re an engineer or not. But controversial issues in engineering are almost always part of that. No matter what type of engineer you are, you’re dealing with technology almost constantly.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked four  of the current debate topics for engineering students.

The first question is “Are machines gaining control over man?”People involved in the tech world no doubt wonder this often. The real question is, which robot will you be replaced with? The second issue that can be interesting is “Can we make engineering sexy?” You may have chosen the field because of its financial benefits, but maybe you should consider another factor too: how much do chics dig it? The next topic should be “Speaking of the engineer’s value, is your salary an indication of your self worth?” Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a girl who doesn’t care what you do for a job. But as long as you’re making a high salary, popularity comes pretty easily. Should it though? And for the last issue, we are mentioning “Is honesty still the best policy?” No doubt many other occupations are wondering the same thing. It’s a cutthroat world out there.

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