13 Fastest Trains in India in 2016

Are you interested in knowing more about 13 fastest trains in India in 2016? In that case, take a seat and let me take you on a ride through the India’s fastest railways!

Since India is the 8th country in the world by the size of the land area with its 1,147,839 square miles and the 2nd by the population as well, traveling through it might represent a series of issues in a close future.

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According to the WorldOMeters, the current population is around 1,5 billion, which is equivalent to 17.86% of the entire world population. The population density is 1,169 people per square mile and, the yearly increase is around 1.18%. Now, imagine that every 4th person in India owns a car. It would mean that there would be around 336,161,462 cars in India, if not more. If every second person that owns a car would use it on a daily basis, which would mean that there would be 168 million cars on the streets each day. When you look at the size of the land area of the entire India, 168 million cars don’t seem that much. But, when you realize that only 32.8% of people in the entire India live in an urban area, which is around 439,801,466, this already means trouble.

This is actually the biggest reason why the majority of residents use bikes on a daily basis for transportation. And that is completely fine if you are traveling locally, from one street to another. But what if you decide to go a little further? In that case, four-wheels are your saviors. Unfortunately, just because you are in a car, it doesn’t mean that you will own the streets and that everyone would move on sidewalks like they do in the rest of the world.  Your journey would take too much time and, depend on a day, you might spend the entire day in crowds.

Luckily, India found its own system that works well since 1853 and makes everyone’s life easier, the railways.  The first train in India went from Thane to Mumbai, but, in less than a hundred-years period, until India became an independed country, it already had 42 railway system.

Nowadays, the railway company that owns the majority in India is the Indian national company Indian Railways, that is actually the fourth largest railway network in the world, just behind the Russia, China, and the US.

The big amount of money was invented in the entire infrastructure in India, including both highways and railways, which is why India is among the leadest countries in this sector and still in progress. The trains by themselves are also in improvement and, for now, their speed goes from 50 Miles per hour to 100 Miles per hour, which is actually pretty impressive.

Would you be interested in seeing which train gets to the highest speed? In case you do, check out these 13 fastest trains in India in 2017!

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