13 Highest-Paying Part-Time or Side Jobs for Retired Firefighters

Retirement isn’t the final thing, it’s not the end of the life. If you worked as a firefighter and you are still up for some action, here are 13 highest-paying part-time or side jobs for firefighters to catch.

First of all, I need to express my gratefulness and my respect for firefighters. It takes a lot of courage to run into the building that is in a flame just to save some innocent people who he never knew in their lives. They go through a full and very hard training before they are set in some of the trucks to go on a field.


Pixabay/Public Domain

They need to stay in the shape so there is the obligation of exercising every day. Second of all, it is desirable to have a medical checkup every now and then since they are going into the flame, which brings up a new problem if they manage to avoid the burns, and that is the smoke. Sure, they are going to cough it out, drink some water, and everything might start to seem like always. But it isn’t.

That smoke that remains in the throat and nose is destroying lungs and slowly spread on every other organ in their body. If not treated on time, it might bring serious consequences such as the death.

Sure, they get the medals for bravery, they end up on calendars, and women all around the world are drawling over them. But what happens after they retire? As a firefighter, you have to know that your service isn’t that long. Sure, you might end up as an administrative worker, if needed, but who would risk sending a man over 45 in a flaming building to save a child? Right after he would enter the building, his colleagues would risk their lives as well just to save him.

But don’t take this retirement so serious. You are not useless. You are just not meant for this field anymore. For your and other people’s sakes. But this doesn’t mean that you are now judged and have to stay home all day and wait for your death. You can still work and you can still earn some cash and have some excitement in your life. But how to find a job that fits you perfectly? Well, there is a solution. Actually, 13 solutions: 13 highest – paying part – time or side jobs for retired firefighters.

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