14 Best Places To Visit in US in March

With only a few months left, let’s see 14 best places to visit in US in March.

It is never too early to start planning a trip. Actually, the sooner the better. The feeling of being free and getting to just decide that you are going to pack your bags in the morning and travel somewhere in the afternoon is great, but not very reliable, especially if your pocket is not that deep or you are going to go on a trip with children.

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Each place in the world has its perks, which is why there are that many visitors during the season. But what happens if you go before or after a season? For example, do you really want to visit Disneyland during the cold, winter days? Or go somewhere near the sea? You got the point. So, each month has its carnival and, since it is the end of the November now and you are still making plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I am going to post best places to visit for one month at the time.

The US is a big country that gives you a whole lot of options for a trip.  You just need to find out which place is the best during which month. And Insider Monkey’s staff is here to help you out. They looked for several sites, go through many forums, and finally were done with the list of 14 best places to visit in the US in March.

Since the March is a month when students get a few days off for a Spring vacation, to take a bit rest and charge their batteries, they decided to find places that will pull you off your couches and found the warmest places during this season.

Of course, Miami, Florida, had to find its place on this list. Even though so many people are chasing the Summer season to enjoy Miami beaches, they are making a huge mistake. Yes, pictures would look great and your friends on Facebook and Instagram would envy you. But let me tell you why it is the better idea to visit Miami in March rather than July. First of all, the prices. During the season, sellers and agencies are looking forward to taking advantage of every tourist that crosses their legs in Miami, which ends up with you crying over ordering a cup of coffee. Second of all, the weather is better during the March because it is still warm enough to go to the beach, but not too hot that you have a desire to drink the whole sea.

But I won’t bother you with these facts anymore. It isn’t my research after all. Take a look at original Insider Monkey’s article 14 best places to visit in the US in March and see for yourself.

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