14 Best Places To Visit In USA in June

Going on the vacation is sometimes a long-term planning, so, even though it is the beginning of the year, let’s start planning the Summer vacation at some of 14 best places to visit in USA in June.


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Personally, I am a very complicated person. Unlike most people, I hate summer and everything that has anything to do with it. Ok, short skirts, casual wardrobe, and being able to go around the house in nothing but the underwear is just a lie. I live in a building and I hate it. I can’t go around half-naked mostly because of the neighbors that can see most of the things through curtains. Second of all, I can’t bread during the Summer because all the heat makes the air very hard and uncomfortable. I go to the shower for at least 4 times a day and I put my child under the water at least double more. And who really wants to wear anything during the summer? In my experience, since I had to go out of the house for several times, no one is out. Unless they are in the hurry. In that case, either their car or the cab is the right solution. But since my relations weren’t usually that far away, I frequently ended up walking around and dying inside. It isn’t any better at night as well. So, in my experience, summer is awful.

But people tend to go somewhere near the sea during the summer days which actually isn’t such a bad thing. I went somewhere near water 8 years ago and, after that, I really had no opportunities. When I had to become independent, I had no money to go, after that I got pregnant so didn’t want to waste any money and, last year, I thought that I had to finish the house where we lived in so there was no money for that kind of vacation so my mum took my boy. I ended up spending more money than I would if the whole family went. But at least I know what is going to happen this year and how am I going to handle it. Somewhere near the salt water, of course.

But the USA doesn’t only have the great opportunities for a vacation near the sea. Actually, it has the wide range of options for both family and friends vacation. The only thing you should know before you book some room is what kind of attractions are you planning to visit.

After that, the only thing left is to pick any of 14 best places to visit in USA in June.

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