14 Good Excuses To Miss Work For An Interview

All of us have had a job interview so far, and we all know that they take place generally during the working hours, so we need to have a day off. Now, Insider Monkey have helped us, as they created a great list of  good excuses to miss work for an interview.

We all have been in this situation, finally we got an email, or a phone call from a workplace where we wanted to work.  I suppose, you too. This was your dream-job, but after the first joy you began think what you should say to your then boss. Of course there is no boss in the world, who would be happy with his employee saying ‘I would like to have a day off, to go to an interview.’ So you began to find out excuses, and tried to imagine which one is better. Now, you don’t need to think about it any more, because we have brought a great list for you!

As for me, once I had a boss who was happy that I was invited to a job interview, but the reason was that my boss had to wind up our company. Therefore she tried to give as much help as she could in order that we could get another job. She always supported me whenever I went for an interview. Finally I managed to find a great one.

Now, without a further ado let’s check out 15 good excuses for missing work for a job interview!

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14. Family Emergency

Here’s the first excuse we have picked up from Insider Monkey’s list. A family emergency, which you absolutely don’t need to speak about, will help you to have that important interview. But if your boss is a curious-type, you should make out a good story.


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13. Picking up A Friend from Airport

This is a very easy excuse. A friend comes to visit you and you need to collect her at the airport.

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12. You Have to Vote

In many states of the US the employees have the right to break work and go to vote. So if you can use this excuse, why not?

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11. A Sick Child

Using this excuse doesn’t mean your best side, but there is no boss who would question your child’s sickness. But be careful and avoid meeting acquaintances lest you should be revealed.


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10. A Dentist Appointment

A toothache can come suddenly, so – it is a great excuse if need to have a day off. With this excuse you can move around the city, if you meet someone from your workplace you can say you are going to your dentist.


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9. A Sick Pet

If you are known as a pet-fan, this is the perfect solution for you! Your dog has a temperature, or what is better! If you say that your dog has vomitted all night, nobody will ask any more questions!


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8. Personal Issues

Personal issues are on the 8th on the list of the good excuses to miss work for an interview. It is the first excuse I like. I think if we want to achieve our goal, lie shouldn’t be the first thing to use. This excuse is clear, doesn’t need a lie, and you can go arrange everything in the city.  

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7. Emergency Car Repair

You already sat in the car, but it wouldn’t start. Do you remember the TV series ‘Friends’? Joey couldn’t lie, he always made out stories about raccoons. He wanted to do the housework, but then a raccoon jumped in and… So, if you can’t tell stories well, you had better use the next excuse, and not this one, about emergency car repair.

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6. Vacation Day

The shortest way is the better, and in this case the shortest way is to be honest. If you ask a vacation day, you really don’t need to apologize where you go and why. I do think it’s the best solution. To tell you the truth I would have put it on the top of this list.

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5. Dead Relative

I must confess that using somebody’s death for an excuse is too much for me. But if you don’t mind using it, you will be successful in asking a day off, but don’t forget something: if you use it too often, nobody will believe you!

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4. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a sickness, that everybody has already had. And if they hear the word ‘vomitting’ nobody wants to know more about it.


3. Appliance Repair

I think lots of people use this excuse if they want to have a day off – no matter what the reason is. And also, everybody can admit if a tap leaks at home, or the heating doesn’t work, you have to stay home and wait for the technician, right?

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2. Medical Testing

If you are a person who really takes his health seriously, or you have been ill recently – it won’t be a problem  if you say you have to go for a medical test.

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1. A Migraine

Whoever has ever known a person with regular migraine, will surely believe this excuse. I have a friend of mine who has migraine and she has a serious ache in the head and it grows until she begins to vomit. So your boss may believe it too, and you can go to your job interview. Migraines come very suddenly an unpredictable, so nobody can say anything.

This was our selected list of 14 good excuses to miss work for an interview, and if you are about to go to job interview, good luck!

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