14 Richest Arab Countries in 2019

Some Arab countries are famous for their fabulous wealth, where even the doorknob is made of gold, but what do you think what are the 14  richest Arab countries in 2019? If you come with us to discover Insider Monkey’s latest article about it, you will find out.

When it comes up to the Arab countries we must consider the natural energy sources which give the prosperity to these countries. When we say natural sources we usually mean different ore, gas, oil etc. We are aware of that there are some Arab countries that are extremely rich, much richer than the others. In order to make our list expressive, we have come up with data such as GDP per capita in 2018.

On this list you will see much less wealthy countries as well, for example we will show you two extremities like Djibouti with its GDP $2,085 per capita in 2018, and the richest Arab country in the world: Quatar whose GDP was $67,818 per capita in 2018. And what about the richest country in the world? Do you know the answer? Well, according to Insider Monkey’s investigation Luxembourg is the wealthiest country on the Earth, and the second one is Norway. Would you have found it out?

But let’s turn back to the Arab world. Dubai seems to be the richest city, but Arab people refer to it as an Emirate and not only a city. If we observe it better, we can see that Dubai is rather a city-state than a city, yet we can say Dubai is the richest Arab city. Now, without a further ago, let’s dive into the world of the wealthiest Arab countries in 2019. Don’t go further without checking Insider Monkey’s list!

So the richest Arab countries are:


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14. Djibouti 

We can’t call this country a rich one, with its GDP $2,085 per capita in 2018, but it has got the 14th place on this list now.


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13. Egypt

Here’s the second country on our list. Its GDP was $2,572 per capita in 2018.


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12. Morocco

 Its GDP in 2018 was $3,355 per capita and its main industries are services and agriculture.


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11. Tunisia

In Tunisia the main industry is agriculture, which makes this country the most competitive one in Africa. Its GDP in 2018 was $3,573 per capita.


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10. Jordan

According to the predictions GDP of this country will continuously increase in the future period, from 2019 to 2021. Its GDP in 2018 was $4,228 per capita.
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9. Algeria

 The most essential natural energies of Algeria are gas and oil. Its GDP in 2018 was $4,450 per capita.
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8. Iraq

Iraq doesn’t belong to the top 5 richest Arab countries, but it’s relatively rich, as its GDP was  $5,793 per capita in 2018, and since 2016, when the price of oil rose, its economy has grown by 10%.
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7. Libya

Now we are half way on the list of the richest Arab countries in 2019, and the seventh place is given to Libya, whose GDP was $6,639 per capita in 2018.  Due to the natural energy resources Libya is comparatively rich in oil.
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6. Lebanon 

Lebanon is a country we may not think to be the leading rich Arab countries, but it’s GDP was $12,454 per capita in 2018. Its wealth comes from natural energy such as gas and oil.
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5. Oman

Oman has got the fifth place of our list for now, and its GDP was $19,170 per capita in 2018. Its GDP rises step by step, the GDP increase was planned around 2,3%, and it was predicted by 2,5% this year. We’ll see if they can reach it!
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4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the 16% of the  whole world’s petroleum supplies, and its GDP was $23,187 per capita in 2018, no wonder we can find this country on this list now.
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3. Bahrain

Bahrain is on the third place on this list now, with its GDP per capita 2018: $26,532. Its wealth origins from gas and petroleum. According to the prognosis Bahrain’s GDP increases by 3% this year.
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2. United Arab Emirates

The second place is naturally given to the United Arab Emirates. Its GDP was $41,476 per capita 2018. It has the richest city, though. Millions of tourists go to see its wealth and sights, and enjoy the fabulous Arab world.


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1. Qatar

And here’s the first country on our list now that is nothing else, but Quatar. Its GDP was $67,818 per capita in 2018. But it has held its position next year, too. The rise of the country was due to its gas and oil, although it has been flourishing since the second half of  the 20th century, until then Quatar was only a poor protectorate of Great Britain. Until it has gas oil, it will keep its position in the future.

 Now you  could see the 14  richest Arab countries in 2019, we hope you have enjoyed it.
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