15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Organisms

Since GMO has been the main topic of debates for many years now, we decided that it was about time to find the 15 advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified organisms.

On one hand, we have multi billion corporations advertising and launching GMO, while, on the other hand, we have people with great resemblance towards it. The thing that I don’t understand is, why people are so afraid of the GMO since there are no chemicals involved, while, on the other hand, they are reaching for the plants sprinkled with poisonous chemicals all the time? We are all aware that every fruit and vegetable we buy on the market was spread with poison so the farmers could keep bugs away from them and have the biggest harvests?

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The truth is, it is not up to us to play God and there is no reason to change something that works right for hundreds of years. Also, if we start leaning on to the genetically modified plants, we are likely to abandon the traditional ones, which will at the end of a day result in reduced biodiversity. Besides that, with mixing vitamins and other content of different plants, we become exposed to the higher risk of different diseases and infections. Also, there is the high risk of gene mutation. Mixing genes and injecting chemicals are complicated procedures, especially if it wasn’t done ever before. No one can be sure how that new breed will survive, but we can’t know either when the mutation will end. The complete mutation process can last for several years and there is no guarantee that it will ever stop especially if the speed of growing roots is too big.

On the other hand, experts claim that with GMO we can increase the production, but also save the land. While the size of the harvested products will be an increase, farmers will gain almost twice more products than they used to before the whole GMO trend started. Besides, GMO plants have the longer life, which automatically affects the economy as well. As you might notice, many plants can’t survive more than 3 days on your shelf which in many cases results in throwing them away and spending the money at the market or a grocery store for the same product. This way, regular people will be saving a lot more money and get the same or even better quality. Since the science has progressed a lot, scientists are now able to target all the genes in plants that cause allergies and different diseases and eject them from the plant, as well as the genes responsible for the weakness of the plants towards the bad weather and attracting the bugs. On the other hand, by playing around with genes, people are able to increase their nutritional value and the concentration of vitamins.

Sounds good so far? Check out the full list of 15 advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified organisms and let me know what you think.

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