15 Beginner Photography Classes in NYC

Nowadays everyone thinks he can be a photographer and if they can, why couldn’t you? If you do, at least don’t act like an amateur. There are a million of classes out there that can teach you all the important techniques and today I am going to present to you 15 beginner photography classes in NYC.

Since the smartphones with great cameras and filters, and the software such as Photoshop were launched, everyone just assumed that they have enough talent to be a professional.  Sure it really is easy to take nice pictures when you have a 23MP camera but this doesn’t make you a great photographer. It just makes you a person that had enough money and tech knowledge to buy a good smartphone. Or even professional camera.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But photography isn’t just seeing something beautiful and capturing it with some high-tech device. First of all, you need to feel it and you need to know at least basic techniques. For example, the only real thing (if we can call it that way) I know about the photography is that you shouldn’t stand in front of the light because you would turn out either blurry or dark. But I don’t think that makes me some kind of real photographer.

Besides, if you want to make your living out of it one day, you definitely can. You can work as a professional photographer at wedding receptions, or any other important event, you can work as a fashion photographer and, trust me, these guys know how to enjoy photography. Besides hanging out with models, you will get a big money for taking their pictures.

If you want to try it out and you live in New York City, forget about getting an expensive cameras and becoming one of those boring wannabe photographers that bother everyone on social networks to start following them because here, in NYC, you can find plenty of different classes in each field, including photography, and Insider Monkey found the best ones for you. And they are not even as expensive as you might assume.
They went through several different platforms and named the ClassCurious as the best source for topics like this. And this is the result of their research: 15 beginner photography classes in NYC.

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