15 Best Countries for One Night Stands

Are you an easy – going person who love to enjoy every each of gift of life? Would you like to know more about 15 best countries for one night stands? If so, don’t go anywhere as you are the right place now. Insider Monkey have investigated everything for you, so the only thing you need to do is to lean back in your armchair comfortably with a glass of seductive wine -and check out these charming and attractive countries with us!

These one night stands and hookups can be exciting but you have to take care of you – and have to protect yourself from STDs  as much as you can. These illnesses are very dangerous and one seductive and passionate night isn’t worth a painful or lethal disease.  So always be on the safe side!

But let’s turn back to the mainstream. Why do people get involved hookups and one night stands? As we live in a very fast world, people want to get everything immediately (fine meals, pleasure, desire, kisses, really, really everything) and this online world even makes the things faster. If we think that even two decades ago we had a simple cell phone with the possibility to write short messages, or we had PCs to write emails. Then we waited for the other to read it some time and answer to it. But now, we can send not only very quick messages using social media, but we can see when the other watches our text. So we are getting more and more impatient. This is the same with cumulating delight of dating and having casual sexual life many times with completely foreigners.

I must confess that I’m proud that my home country is mentioned in Insider Monkey’s article, as Hungary, Europe is one of the countries where it’s hard to get laid. But let’s turn back again to the present topic. So – are you ready to dive into the sea of pleasure with this article now? If so, come on with us to the world of the  best countries for one night stands.



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15. Denmark

The Scandiavian countries were great surprise for me, as I haven’t known people love promiscuity so much. Denmark isn’t an exception.

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14. The United Kingdom

People in the UK definitely like one night stands especially in Liverpool, since there are more single women than in the other cities.

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13. Slovenia

Now, the next one on our list of best countries for one night stands, is a small country in Europe, Slovenia. If you visit this country you can enjoy fine meals, good wines, seductive women.
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12. Belgium

Belgium’s citizens are liberal and easy-going, and very progressive, because gay marriages have been allowed for more than 15 years.

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11. Sweden

It was absolutely new for me, that more than 60 years ago Sweden introduced an obligatory sexual education in primary schools. I think that’s why that Swedish women are confident when it comes sexual life.

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10. Australia

 Here’a another country where you won’t find it difficult to find a partner for a one night stand!
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9. Switzerland

What can be said about a country where  prostitution is legal and widely accepted? Well, they don’t make a big fuss about having an exciting one night stand.
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8. The Netherlands

 The Netherlands got the 8th place here, on the list of  best countries for one night stands. Dutch are very relaxed and women easily pick up guys in the bars.
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7. Portugal

Portuguese people are kind, warm, easy-going and relaxed, so they don’t take one night stands seriously, they just enjoy life as it is.

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6. Norway

According to Insider Monkey’s investigation we can see that Norwegians are pretty loose and extremely like one night stands.

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5. Ireland

According to Insider Monkey’s research we can see that a quarter of Irish women have already had one night stands when being on holiday.

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4. New Zealand

There are lots of dating apps in this country, what’s more, you can find some that especially designed for those who don’t want any bounds. I think this country should have been the first one in this list – because of these apps….


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3. Canada

Canada is not only a beautiful country – especially in winter – but it’s the home to easy one night stands, so don’t miss visiting Winnipeg, Edmonton, or Calgary.
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2. Finland

When it comes Finland, many of you think of saunas and people with only one single towel, right? If you travel to Finland, don’t miss visiting a nightclub, because there you can eaily get laid and have a quick affair.


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1. Iceland

Iceland has got the first place now as a country that has the most one night stands. For me it was a surprise, but this country encourage a casual sex culture. There were slogans in the 1990s saying “have a one night stand in Reykjavik” and “Fancy a dirty weekend in Iceland?”. It seems to like promiscuity very much. Therefore which country could stand  at the top of the list of the best countries for one night stands if not Iceland?

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