15 Best Drinks For First Time Drinkers

Having the first alcoholic drink in your life is kind of a big deal, which is why you should start slow, with some of 15 best drinks for first time drinkers.

Usually, the first drink that people taste when they first try the alcohol is the beer. It is the most common drink among people after all and, giving all the facts, it is the drink that is the least likely to get you wasted after the first glass.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Even a child knows the side effects that alcoholic drinks have on people’s health, but they are also aware of all the benefits of the drink one has, if the consumption of that drink is supervised, of course. For example, everyone knows that drinks are good for your heart and the blood, while beer helps your kidneys work properly. Recommending these two drinks even became a frequent practice in medicine so now, instead of giving a different kind of drugs to patients that have a kidney stone or some heart condition, physicians are recommending them one glass of beer or wine per a day.

But we all know that drinks are not consumed for health conditions only and we are all aware that some people find it a bit harder to stop after their first glass. This isn’t only the problem in the matter of one’s health, but the safety of all people around them. Along with health side effects of the alcohol,  there is one more thing to have into consideration, people’s behavior after they have one drink more than usual. Some people get all sad, others just want to get the party started, but there are also the ones that bring all of their demons out after having a few shots. They become more negative and even the violent, which can bring to innocent people getting hurt, while there are also the ones that enjoy drunken driving and don’t think about possible casualties.
This is why the governments of all countries brought driving under the influence of the alcohol prohibition as well as the age limit for serving alcohol. Depending on the country, people should be older than 16, 18, or 21 to be served some alcohol in a bar or be allowed to buy a bottle of some liquor in the store.

It is really important to learn how to drink from the very beginning. You should know which drink suits you, which one makes you nausea, and after how many glasses should you stop. But, you have to start somewhere, right? And there is no better solution than these 15 best drinks for first time drinkers.

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