15 Best Drinks For First Time Drinkers

If you have never tasted any alcoholic beverage, you should read the article about the best drinks for first time drinkers. So what should you drink if you have never drunk any alcohol before? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great answers for this question. If we consider alcohol we generally think about its negative effects, but as everything, alcohol has positive effects too, naturally if it is drunk in normal amount.

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As for me, I tasted alcohol for the first time when I was 18. In my country we turn adults at the age of 18. I can clearly remeber that I tried ome cocktails, because so far I had just read about them in books. For example I drank vodka with juice, then rum and coca cola, and later gin and tonic. And then…. I felt unwell. This was an edifying experience for me for a lifetime. Insider Monkey has created a list for you in which you can browse if you are about to drink alcoholoc beverage for the first time.

We have picked three drinks from their list for now. If you are new to alcohol, we recommend you to start drinking Jagermeister. This drink was made of 56 herbs and different spices. It contains fruits, citrus peel, anise, licorice, saffron, ginger, poppy seeds, ginseng and juniper berries among other ingredients. In the process making, these ingredients are grounded and later steeped in water and alcohol for two to three days. After that, the mixture is stored in oak barrels for a year. After one year, the liquor is filtered again and mixed with sugar, caramel, and alcohol. This drink is perfect for first-time drinkers because of its sweet taste. Sambuca is Italian liqueur flavored with anise. This drink is flavored with essential oils from star anise or green anise. There is white Sambuca, black and red sambuca. This drink could be served neat but it can be served on the rocks or with water which is resulting with ouzo effect. Sambuca is also going great with coffee and some people are even adding it in their coffee instead of sugar. Also, it has a traditional serving which is with three coffee beans that are representing health, happiness, and prosperity. The primary alcoholic drink in the Appletini cocktail is vodka. This cocktail was created back in 1996 at Lola’s West Hollywood restaurant and it is also known as Adam’s Apple Martini. This cocktail is served straight up with an apple slice or cherry in a cocktail glass. Mix in a shaker 4.5 cl vodka, 1.5 cl apple schnapps/calvados, and 1.5 cl Cointreau and then pour it into a chilled cocktail glass. Appletini is great for people who are first-time drinkers and it tastes delicious. Despite everything, it is very easy to be made at home for any kind of occasion.

For any further tasty tips, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about 15 best drinks for first time drinkers.

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