15 Best Karaoke Songs To Sing On Your Birthday

”Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…. it’s so freaking boring… can we try with something else, or I will start snoring???” This one really got old. I understand the whole tradition thing, but let’s be honest, it stopped being interesting around the third birthday when you realized that after the cake it was the time for presents and that’s actually the whole point of this party, right? And it’s gotten even worse when you grew up because you literally became clueless of what to do while others are singing it. Should you clap like everyone else or to sing to yourself as well? Well, luckily, there is a cure for everything. So, next time you throw a birthday party, get the karaoke machine and get the party started with some of the 15 best karaoke songs to sing on your birthday.

Let’s be honest, this should be your day. Not your day day, like when you are getting married so the whole day should be completely about the bride and groom because you are getting married only once in your life, which doesn’t have to be true either, but ok. Although this day comes every year, this is also your special day when everything is about you.

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The thing is, you can never please the whole crowd, and, let’s be real, whenever the ”Happy Birthday” children’s song starts, the party dies immediately, and you don’t want that to happen on your special day of the year. And let’s be real. You need to pay attention to all of your guests, but they shouldn’t be in the center of attention. That day is your turn to be the one everyone is looking at.

And let’s go back to the initial topic. We are not kids anymore and even they don’t pay the attention and get bored when this song starts. And it isn’t wrong to break some traditions if it’s for good causes. You want some modern or even old-school-get-the-crowd-go-crazy thing on this day, right? And we wish that for you as well. This is why Insider Monkey found the great way for you and your friends to have as much fun as you can. The next time you grab the microphone on a birthday party, it doesn’t matter if it is your own or some friend’s, try with some of these 15  best karaoke songs to sing on your birthday to fulfill your night and end it with the best memories.

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