15 Best Places for Kids Birthday Parties in NYC

Kids find their birthdays as very special events and you are the one that has to reach their expectations. You need to organize the whole thing, which is never easy, but we are here to help you, at least when it comes to renting a space. Now, we are going to talk about 15 best places for kids’ birthday parties in NYC.

People love feeling special on the birthdays, especially children. It is the one day of the year that is all about them. When day can get whatever they want and when they can feel like the most important person in the world in that moment. And, gosh, how many presents are they going to get…

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But while this is the best time in their lives for them, it is a nightmare for every parent. Yes, your kid is too young to have some great expectation. Or is it? This is the day when they will want to get the best out of the best and it is your job to make everything run perfectly. From invitation, through decoration and all arrangements, to the cake. And it isn’t only important for your child to have the best time of their life. It is also important for them to have everybody talking for days that this was the best party they ever attended. So, are you up for this challenge?

As for the presents, I can’t really help you. Each kid is individual and every child wants the different things. Except for the trendy ones that are a bit expensive which is why not every child owns it. But I have one advice: don’t miss out on buying your child a birthday present and try to get out of it by telling them that this birthday party was your present to them. They will appreciate it, but not like this. Even if you don’t have enough money, they can get that, but they will never get over the fact that you didn’t even bother buying them at least some small present under $10. That sentence really hurts, trust me on this one!

I am not an expert for gifts or even arrangements, but, if you live in New York City, I can at least help you find the best spot to throw that party for your child. Again, even this decision depends on current trends and your child’s interests and whether they want only space rented and all other activities arranged by you, or they want the full package. I don’t know your kid so I can’t give you the final answer. But I can give you some options. Here are 15 best places for kids’ birthday parties in NYC that you can’t make mistake with. Check them out and be free to let me know how it went.

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