15 Best Places for Kids’ Birthday Parties in NYC

So your kid’s birthday is approaching and you are wondering what the best places for kid’s birthday parties in NYC are. Whether you live in NYC or near our beautiful, busy city you choose among lots of opportunities. But where to go? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great answers for this question.

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As for me, I have always wanted a big and awesome birthday party but when we children there were not too many possibilities to go, so we had parties at home. Nevertheless I really enjoyed all of them, and I have lots of wonderful memories from my childhood. So we can discover the best places with Insider Monkey now, an as nothing is more memorable than that super cool Darth Vader-themed birthday party you had at the gymnastics club when you turned four, or your cousin’s party at the giant indoor bounce house. Creating a birthday celebration that will stay with your kids long past the point of them actually being kids is an amazing experience.

In order to create their list, Insider Monkey has consulted Class Curious, which was a great help as usual – to see what the best places for kids’ birthday parties in NYC are. Before checking this list, please keep in mind that the best and most amazing-amusing birthday parties are, where the parents are there, too.

We have picked three places from Insider Monkey’s list for now: Ample Hills Creamery, Bounce ‘N Play, and Chocolate Works. Ample Hills Creamery is located in Gowanus. It is locally operated and owned, this huge ice cream wonderland has large party space and roof deck. Parties last for two hours, with a sundae bar, craft time, and fun with an ice cream-churning bike. Bounce ‘N Play is in Astoria. If your children like flying high for their special day, try this amazing indoor paradise with them. They will surely love it. You can find bouncy houses, jungle gyms, bouncy slides, and other interactive toys are available for all parties, while extras (like rock climbing, karaoke, pizza and ice cream, character appearances, etc.) can be requested for an extra fee. Chocolate Works’ location is in Brooklyn Heights, Upper West Side, and Upper East Side. It offers a completely chocolate-themed party. Let our kids take a look how candy is made. They can also try to make it with their own hands. What a unique experience! Pizza and beverages are included, and add-ons include sundaes and a chocolate fountain.

Keep reading to learn more details about the best places for kids’ birthday parties in NYC.

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