15 Best Serial Killer Documentaries on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix

I know that you are all afraid to admit it, but you are all curious when you read some title like this: 15 best serial killer documentaries on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

Just because we are interested in seeing some of these movies, it doesn’t make us sick, demented or whichever name others call us. We are all just curious people who want an answer to a question: what makes some person kill another human being? Or, even worse, make a game out of it: Who killed the most?

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First of all, let’s clear something up. Who are serial killers? How many people should a man kill to be called serial killer? Earlier, I believed that a serial killer is a person that finds a link between his victims. For example, in one movie a saw that a serial killer killed all ex-boyfriends of his victims. The reality is different. Although the bottom line in some definition is 4 or even 5 victims that don’t have to be linked anyhow, FBI has the clear definition: a serial killer is every person that kills at least 2 people. Regardless which definition you admit at the end, there is one thing that each of them has in common: murders have to be committed in the longer period of time. Besides serial killing, FBI and police departments separate several more types of killing. When it comes to the higher number of victims, we have killing sprees, mass murders, and war crimes. Killing sprees are murders that happened in several locations during the short period of time. Mass murders are the ones that happen at the certain location at the same time (usually with bombs). When it comes to the war crimes, soldiers that commit either mass murder during the period of war or just shot a soldier or two or individuals are usually not convicted to a crime because it was their job at the moment and they received directions from someone on a higher position. On the other hand, people who were in higher position may suffer some consequences after the war is over.

So, we cleared it up. Now it is left to find out why people commit these crimes? The reason is usually hidden behind some psychological issue that the person is struggling for too long. But I won’t bother you with details. Here is the list of 15 best serial killer documentaries on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix that will give you all the answers needed.

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