15 Best Vice Documentaries on YouTube

If you are into some intriguing headlines, here are 15 best Vice documentaries on YouTube to check out.

To be fair, Vice isn’t for everyone. The topics that Vice editors are covering are way too controversial for the majority of people but, even so, many people are reading it, even though they claim that they would never place an eye on it. Vice is covering topics that are too embarrassing to talk about even with your best friend.

Pixabay/Public Domain

I know what you are all going to say: how can anyone be allowed to publish a story with the headline like ‘’I Made an ‘Exact’ Replica of My Dick from the Comfort of My Own Home”? And you will be completely right, especially since Vice is still presented in the physical form and the Vice Magazine has been sold in many countries so far and it is still public, sitting there in front of the curious little kids. I really don’t feel comfortable having my child reading and memorizing this kind of things, especially giving the fact that children are very innovative in this period of life and also very intrigued and copy literary everything they see so no, I don’t want my kid to make a school project based on these kinds of DIY.

But really, Vice covers many important topics as well, which is why it is very popular not just in America, but worldwide. Here, you can find information related to anything you can ever imagine. It is having a Wikipedia on your mobile phone or on the browser, but far more interesting. Not just that it is far better done in an aesthetic sense but it covers many more interesting topics that no one could ever imagine to find on Wikipedia or any other website in general.

As anything else that become pretty successful, texts from Vice are not quoted by many people all around the world and Videos created by the editors are copied everywhere, including YouTube. It really does make sense, don’t you think? So, when Insider Monkey decided to create this list, they went to official Vice channels on YouTube including Vice Sports, Vice News, and much more and chose the ones with the most views. And here is the list of 15 best  Vice documentaries on YouTube by Insider Monkey.

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