15 Cheapest and Safest Places to Live in The World

We would all like to live in the cheapest and safest places to live in the world but we don’t always know what those places are. Today, we are going to discover!

We always think that, if something is cheap, it can’t be good. We live in the illusion that the only neighborhoods where you can live with the low salary are ghettoes and underdeveloped neighborhoods that are not safe for us to raise a family, while in too expensive, luxury neighborhoods we can easily leave every door unlocked and even put the most expensive jewelry we own on the porch without being worried about not seeing it ever again.


Pixabay/Public Domain

What if I told you that those are just illusions? What if I said that I had a proof that you can get married and move with your spouse and two children in some of both cheapest and safest places to live in the world? Sure, the salaries in those places are average or under the average, but who cares? It is still more than enough to pay your bills, rent, buy food, clothes and even go out from time to time and have enough money left to put in your piggy bank.

Those places that I am about to present are the ones where you can go outside in the middle of the night without being afraid of being mugged, attacked, or raped. Those are the places where the law is strict and the cops are always there to protect every resident. Sure, wherever you go, there is a chance of meeting someone without moral qualities that you should be afraid of, but places from this list are the ones with the lowest percentage of people with criminal records.

As children, we are all taught to be afraid of strangers since we can’t ever know their intentions. Well, just look at the headlines in the newspaper. How many people have been kidnapped just after showing someone directions? Or even worse, how many people around the world have been victims of some kind of violence by people from their surrounding? Their friends, neighbors, or even family members. It sounds disgusting. And it is disgusting. But it becomes more frequent each day.

If you want to run far away from that madness, you can’t. But at least you can move somewhere safer and cheaper. And here is the list of 12 cheapest and safest places to live in the world.

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