15 Cities With The Best Air Quality in the U.S.

As we had to lock-down not only socializing, and travelling, but industries as well, we have learnt something new recently – we could change the terrible situtation of the Earth, if we were able to slow down our modern, industrial world. Now, we have come a compilation of the 15 cities with the best air quality in the U.S. However these cities on this list generally don’t need a coronavirus-stricken situation to have fresh, excellent quality of air.

Considering that polluted air is in connection with 7 million death across the globe annually, we should make much more efforts to stop polluting the environment and start to heal the wounds of the Earth. It’s high time to clean waters, stop deforestation, and begin to respect life of animals and Mother Nature.

And now, check out together what Insider Monkey have investigated for us about the cities with the best air quality in the U.S.!

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15. Duluth, MN-WI

Duluth has a population of 100,000 and has an amazing lookout over the lake Superior. It’s a great idea to visit Duluth or a better and healthy one to move here!

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14. Salinas, CA

John Steinbeck lived and worked in this city, and he also used his city as inspiration in his works. If you visit Salinas and his house, you can take a deep breath from the fresh-clean air of the city.

13. Appleton-Oshkosh-Neenah, WI

It runs along Fox river, with two other “Fox cities”, and the vicinity of the river guarantees fresh air this nice city.

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12. Elmira-Corning, NY

It has a population of less than 30,000 and it’s the home to Elmira College, that first granted degrees to women, that were equivalent to the degrees that men got.

11. Gainesville-Lake City, FL

This beautiful city is the home of the University of Florida, but since 1982 it has been declared “Tree City” by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

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10. Grand Island, NE

Grand Island is not only a wonderful place, but is known for its civic engagement, too.

9. Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FL

It’s located by the Turkey River, which flows in the Atlantic Ocean, this brings fresh air to the city, therefore it deserved its place on this list.

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8. Sioux Falls, SD

It has a population of 200,000 with fresh, clean air which is guaranteed by more than 70 parks and greenways, along with the Sioux river.

7. Springfield, MA

We are half way on our list of the 15 cities with the best air quality in U.S, and here is the city of Springfield, which has rich history, too. It’s located in the Connecticut River Valley , which among the most amazing places in the United States. 

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6. St. George, UT

The sixth entry is dedicated to St. George, which is located in a valley, in the Mojave Desert. It can not only boast with excellent quality of air, but with breathtaking mountains, parks, natural vegetation, as well.

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5. Syracuse-Auburn, NY

Its population is several hundred thousand, with great educational institutions, such as Syracuse University, and amazing natural sights, like the Onondaga Lake. It’s worth visiting here, and spend couple of days with relaxing and enjoying the opportunities of thsi nice city.

4. Bangor, ME

This beautiful small-sized city is the home town of Stephen King. It can also boast with extremely clean air, too.

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3. Burlington-South Burlington, VT

The Burlington metropolitan area in Vermont is in the top three on our list of the cities with the best air quality. It was the first city to run entirely renewable energy.

2. Urban Honolulu, HI

Who wouldn’t visit Honolulu, capital of Hawaii? It got the second place on our list, as one of the cities with the cleanest air. It’s also among the safest cities in the United States.

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1. Wilmington, NC

And now here’s the top one on the list of the 15 cities with the best air quality in the U.S. Wilmington, North Carolina is a port city, and it has not only clean air, but it’s a tourist attraction, too.

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