15 Countries That Have the Most AIDS Cases In the World

Are you interested in reading about 15 countries that have the most AIDS cases in the world? Stick with me and we will cover this topic together.

AIDS is a serious illness that is still under the question when it comes to its cure. It attacks the blood system and the whole body and can kill a person if he or she isn’t careful enough. People can get contagious by having the unprotected intercourse with someone who already has it or by receiving the blood from that person. As far as we know, the only way to prevent ourselves from getting it is by using condoms during the intercourse.

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Like one of my colleagues said, a person with AIDS is like people with cancer. Still hoping for the cure that might not arrive anytime soon. But even cancer can be treated in some cases, while there is still none cure for AIDS. On the bright side, at least scientists managed to find ways to make the people with AIDS live longer and normal life, like everyone else.

According to the global statistics, there are around 36.7 million people living with the AIDS on the Earth and 1.8 million of them are 15-years-old or younger. But how could kids that age get contained? Do they have unprotected intercourse with everyone they run into? Or do they do drugs with people with AIDS? Well, some of them do, but most cases are mother-to-child HIV transmission.  Don’t you get it? Let me explain. If the mother has the HIV virus in her system, it usually means that, if she gets pregnant, that child will immediately be diagnosed with the same virus for obvious reasons. Everything that comes into mother’s blood system is automatically transferred to baby’s as well. Whether it is the food, vitamins, or medications and diseases, mother and a child that is still in her belly are the one person and everything will affect both of them.

Not surprising at all, the nation that is most affected with the HIV virus is Africa, and the 66% of those 36.7 million people come from sub-Saharan Africa. As for the America, the number of people living with AIDS was 39,513 in 2015.

To find the countries that have the highest AIDS rate in the world, the data collected from WHO and UNAIDS were much of a help and it was the number of people between the age of 15 and 49 that live with AIDS/HIV. To see the final result, check out 15 countries that have the most AIDS cases in the world.

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