15 Countries with the Most Handsome Men in the World

Do you know what are 15 countries with the most handsome men in the world by every criterion?

Well, not only women are looked at as objects. We are all humans, no matter which gender, and, as men, women are allowed to watch and enjoy the view. We also like drewling over handsome guys without tops and with hard muscles, soft hair and cared face. Why not?


Pixabay/Public Domain

Of course, each woman has her own type. Personally, while I was younger, I preferred tall, skinny guys with long, blond hair. It was because I had a big crush on one singer (and I still do, even though he is over 40). But, as I got older, my criteria changed. Now, I like black guys with manly face, not too handsome, but not with the female body as well.

We all need to agree that there are no better-looking guys than Latinos. Dark, soft skin, black, soft hair, and those bodies. Oh, my God, I will die if it turns out to be Photoshop. Ok, I am not a kid. I know that those are mostly models and actors and people that we see on TV or on some social networks and get attracted to are not the only ones living there. I know that in each country people suffer from obesity and that many of people who live there are also ugly. Again, I am not a stupid kid living in the illusions. But who can forbid me to fantasize about meeting some latino guy who will take me away with him and we will live happily ever after? I think that the thing that attracts me the most about them is the dance. Their moves are so hot and, even if they were ugly or fat, I believe that, as soon as we would start dancing, I would be in love.

I have to make something clear at the beginning. I am not a type that can date someone just based on their looks. I need someone to attract me with his personality, but who can forbid me to watch? Men are watching women for… how many centuries? Well, I claim that we can do it too! If you agree with me, here is the list of 15 countries with the most handsome men in the world. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know and we might even add some of your suggestions on the list as well!

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