15 Easiest German Words and Phrases To Learn for Tourists

If you are looking forward to traveling to Germany, make sure that you haven’t missed 15 easiest German words and phrases to learn for tourists.

Let’s face it, whenever you go, you can communicate with people by using gestures and everywhere you go, it would be enough to know English so that almost everyone can understand you. But we all know that we all appreciate foreigners more if they at least try to speak our language.

Pixabay/Public Domain

You don’t need to learn every sentence structure or be fluent in grammar or vocabulary, but it doesn’t hurt to know at least how to greet someone, make some small talk or at least ask the person you are about to talk if he or she speaks English so that you can understand each other better. This isn’t some show-off. It is just showing the respect towards the people you are visiting.

So, the basics should always be ’Hi’ and ’Goodbye’. I mean, to be honest, most of the German words aren’t that hard to be learned and pronounced. The problem might appear if you start talking to German people that naturally speak fast. If you don’t practice enough, you would end up understanding zero words. But ’Please’, ’Thank you’, and ’You are welcome’ is very important. Unlike the other nations that have all of these expressions but don’t use them as much, German people pay a lot of attention to it. It is not just being polite for them, it is the way of living. They are raised like that since they were kids and they find it rude if you miss out on it. So, you can forget to take off your shoes when you enter someone’s apartment, you can forget how to ask for direction, you can even jump on your head to explain something that you don’t know how to translate but don’t joke around and forget to say thank you after something is offered or done to you, even if you refuse it.

Also, it should be that bad to find your way to get around when you go out or enter some store. Even if you miss out on something, or pronounce it bad, people from Germany would appreciate your effort more than you think. You can use your Google Translator, but translation notes, ask for someone’s help, but don’t miss out on learning these 15 easiest German words and phrases to learn for tourists.

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