15 Funny Tinder Bios for Girls

The first impression is everything, especially when it comes to online dating and today we will take a look at 15 funny Tinder bios for girls just to get some ideas.

Meeting someone in person can sometimes be very traumatic. Based on your behavior and mood, the person you met will decide whether they like you and feel comfortable in your presence or not. But meeting someone online is even harder, especially if you wanted to find a soulmate or just a person to hang out with from time to time.


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People on platforms such as Tinder only have information that you provide. Based on that, they decide whether you are the right fit for them or not. It sometimes seems to me than writing these Tinder bios is the same thing as writing CV. You have to make yourself desirable enough to be the first on their list, but not to overreact or brag yourself too much because you will be refused 100%.

So how to make the perfect profile for online dating? To be honest, it all depends on the message you want to send about yourself. You can state that you are a person looking for a serious relationship that takes everything too seriously. You can state that you are a professional person that has his/her nose in the paperwork 24/7 and only looking for occasional fun. You can also state that you are a person opened for business or any other suggestion etc.

There are two things that play a big role in this: your picture and a bio. My personal advice is: avoid provocative pictures. It isn’t appealing to anyone. If you want to send a message that you are a funny person with whom no one gets bored ever, try uploading some crazy picture, when you are at your best, either with a truly happy face or some spontaneous one, where you look happy and your best.

As far as a bio is concerned, you need to find right words to describe yourself and your interests so that no one with any other intentions would contact you. Besides the funny part, you really need to make everything clear. Besides that, you need to make sure not to copy anyone else’s phrases. There are many websites out there that provide the done templates for Tinder bios, but we both know that you would pass on the person on the other side if you saw any of it. But it can’t be any harm to check out someone else’s ideas before you start typing your own bio, right? So let’s take a look at 15 funny Tinder bios for girls.

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