15 Highest Paid Comedians in the World

Can people make a living out of comedy and who are 15 highest paid comedians in the world?

Charlie Chaplin was a world-famous comedian. The truth is, he never said anything and people still fell off the chair as soon as they saw him on the screen. And he was well-paid of it. He had enough for living and to provide a proper life for his family.

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Today, when people say that they are going to be chasing for a career as comedians, people will say that there is no money in it. But is that really the truth?

Well, the whole point is finding your way around. Comedians are like actors, but they need to think faster as well. Actors have their lines that they need to remember and to improvise from time to time, but comedians are completely on their own. They need to come up with the topic, they need to come up with the line, and they need to perform in front of an audience and hope that they will be accepted. There is also the part of forgetting the line, so they need to improvise, but to make it all look natural.

Also, they need to find the great place to perform. It is ok to entertain your friends but there is no money in it. It is ok to perform in a local coffee shop, but is there really any earning? No! So is there any money in comedy? Well, there actually is.

We all know Louis C.K. For example, he struggled his whole life to make a living of a comedy and, as a young performer, he was rejected by Saturday Night Live. I guess they are not laughing now because he is making $52 million! The interesting thing is that comedians are usually only trashing the group that they belong. Black people trash on black people, fat people trash on black people, but Louis covers it all. As many social groups, there are, as many he covers. And, surprisingly no one is mad and no one takes it seriously. Instead, they give him more money to listen to it. Some people don’t get his jokes but they still find him adorable and can spend days watching for him.

But Louis C.K. is still not the No.1 best paid comedian in the world. To see the full list, click on 15 highest paid comedians in the world.

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