15 Most Annoying Email Newsletters to Sign Horrible People Up to

If you have someone who is annoying enough so that it makes you have some revenge but not anything too harmful, why don’t you try signing them to 15 most annoying Email newsletters to sign horrible people up to and watch them getting pissed off every day?

As a person whose life is mostly concentrated on computers, I can say without any issue that there is no worse thing than those annoying newsletters that websites, especially irrelevant ones, send on a daily basis.


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One year ago I started working for one man who owned two websites. Both of them were ridiculous. My job and the job of my employees were just to write down 3 sentences regarding some news that we find online and post a link to the original article. I have no idea why he taught that this is something that is going to become a hot topic, but it is his problem, not mine. My problem was that for logging in in the first place I had to sign up for their newsletter. As I saw later, no one could even access the website, not even the readers, if they didn’t sign up for it. Of course, the second step is getting Emails every day about top 5 or 10 topics, which no one really read but they thought that this is the way to attract more people.

Basically, the majority of websites offer you the opportunity to sign up for daily, or a monthly newsletter, depending on the website, but not all of them are up to disturbing you on a daily basis. But what do these newsletters, the irrelevant ones, really do to people whose lives depend on their mailbox? Look at my example, I am a student who works online. This means that I need to receive every important mail that is sent by the college. Besides, every new job opportunity or a payment goes through my mailbox. On top of it, I am not a person who ever wants to stay in one place so I always find different things to learn about. This means that I am signed to several MOOCs as well. So, imagine my shock every morning after I wake up and look at my phone. And imagine my reaction after I discover that at least first 20 emails are newsletters sent by some of the websites that I will never enter again in my life.

So, if you are willing to make someone’s morning as terrible as I have from time to time, here are  15 most annoying Email newsletters to sign horrible people up to.

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