15 Most Popular Facebook Groups in India

Are you interested in taking a look at 15 most popular Facebook groups in India?

If you were thinking ‘Why should I? I have plenty of other things to learn about India and I have no intentions of wasting my time on learning about their social network activities.’, you already answered your question. Social networks are there so we can connect with people from our countries, but other countries and cultures as well. By taking a look at the most popular Facebook groups, you will get the insight in their overall interest and mentality.

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How to do that? Well, let’s see. For example, you found that the most popular Facebook group in some country is a group related to the Red Cross or similar foundation. What does it tell you? Residents are very socially aware and are big philanthropists. They tend to help the ones in need and give the great effort to make other people’s lives as easier as they can. They might don’t know how to get involved and, this way, they are getting answers. If there is a flood, it would be published on the group and they would know where to start chasing to help. If there is an emergency patient on the table in a demand for transfusion, they know which hospital to look for. Don’t hold your breath because, if you have been thinking about it, India is not your country. But you get the point.

But India is the country where residents tend to help each other as much as possible in basically every sense. There are, as always, the Facebook groups where people exchange and post different recipes and restaurants reviews, but most of them are actually the groups that social media developers had in mind when working on it.

There are groups where people help each other get on some trip, all different kinds of support groups, groups that teach you and help you resale all kind of different things.

The group that I found most interesting was Bring Me That From There. It only counts 23,000 members, but, in my opinion, the whole country should get involved and every country should have one of those. So what exactly is this? It is made for the safe and reliable package transfer and the connection is made between the seeker and the flyer. The method is simple. Seekers post the message o the group where some package travels from and where should it arrive and some flyer that is interested in helping at that moment responds. As simple as that. Who says Indian people are not creative people? Not me, definitely!

So let’s take a look at the rest of the list of 15 most popular Facebook groups in India by clicking on the link.

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