15 Most Respected Professions In The World in 2020

Many of us like to checking the most respected professions, some of us because they seek their way, while others just like to read about them – either you are in the first group, or in the second one, come and check out the list of the 15 most respected professions in the world in 2020. We have brought this compilation from Insider Monkey’s blog, as we usually do.

There are professions, that come with laurel, and esteemed by everyone, such as doctors, firemen, scientists and so on. There are many people who choose a profession to save lives, while others want to be in limelight, and there are many who just simple want to earn a lot. All of them are good reasons to choose a profession. You need to take every aspect into consideration when you decide to take up a profession, as the monetary of worth of professional labour is also important.

I think one of the most important factors is that you should be happy with your choice, in other words you should be satisfied with your life. Then, the second essential factor is that you can make ends meet, you need to make enough money in order to have a comfortable and satisfied life. If these two factors meet in your life, you can say that you are a happy person.

And now, without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for you about the 15 most respected professions in the world in 2020!

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15. Actor

Since acting has existed, actors and actresses have been highly respected. Millions of men adored the famous actresses and wanted to marry them. One of the most famous actresses, Grace Kelly married to Prince Rainer III and became Princess of Monaco. What else would be the best proof of being respected?

14. Model

I think model have always been highly-respected, there always have been men who didn’t date anybody else, only models. They are also well-known in social media, while being influencers. Some of the became actresses, such as Andie MacDowell, or Cindy Crawford.

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13. Technology Entrepreneur

Technology enterpreneurs, like Elon Musk, are highly respected for their talent. If we think of the pandemic recently, we can see how important technology is in our modern world.

12. Cricketer

Cricket is an extremely popular sport in the UK, Australia, South Asia. A talented cricketer can earn much respect all over the world.

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11. Astrophysicist

In our modern times human can discover the space and lots of mystery have been revealed. And if a scientist is friendly and is helpful with explaining us the things, that is the greatest!

10. Stand-Up Comedian

As for me, I love stand-up comedy. In my country there are great stand-comedians as well, they are highly respected. During the first act of coronavirus, our comedians made stand-up from home, and this veideos were uploaded to YouTube. Anyone could see it for free, thank you guys!

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9. Media Executive

The nineth profession on our list now is media executive. If you are interested in media, this way will perfectly suit you!

8. NBA Player

The way of becoming an NBA player is long and exhausting, but if you manage, you will have a wonderful life.

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7. Business Magnate

Business magnetes are extremely respected (and more envied) people, such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Sundar Pichai.

6. Journalist

At first I was surprised to see this profession on this list, as nowadays to put it mildly the journalists are disliked. But yes, there is the ethical journalism, which is a different category, and it’s really valuable.

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5. Media Personality

We are half way on our list of  the most respected professions in the world in 2020. It would be difficult to define, as anybody from Kim Kardashian to oprah is a media personality, but telling you the truth I don’t know exactly if it was a profession, or not.

4. Talk Show Host

There are some talk shows that I really like. I prefer those ones that are not about scandals, but hot and interesting topics, such environment, culture and so on. But what is true, talk show hosts earn lots of respect and money of course.

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3. Soccer Star

Never in my have I been interested in soccer, but people can be very passionate if it is about their favourite soccer team. The soccers stars can boast lots of fans, and they are really admired.

2. Singer/Rapper

It was obvious that this profession would be on this list, and it would get a fairly noble place. Not surprisingly, it got the second place on our list.

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1. President

And now, let’s see the first place – the top position everywhere -president. It was a bit a surprising for me that it is on the list of the most respected professions in the world in 2020Somehow I don’t really keept it a profession, but yes, finally it is. If you were to be a president, naturally you would be the most respected (on the other the most hated one, too).

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