15 Most Sexually Satisfied Countries in the World

How satisfied are you with your sex life? Check out the list of 15 most sexually satisfied countries in the world and see how else are going.

Many people wouldn’t admit it, but sex is a great part of our lives. And even if you have found your perfect someone, it doesn’t mean anything if he/she doesn’t satisfy you in this matter.


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Everyone wants to feel desired. Everyone needs to lose it up from time to time. Everyone wants to go crazy with their sex partner from time to time. There is no shame in it.

In old days, women are taught that sex is dirty and humiliating for them. They were taught that this is only their obligation towards their husbands and they had to feel sick about it during the whole intercourse. But, let’s not fool ourselves. Women enjoy sex as much as men do. Sometimes even more. In the new age, they are the ones sexually empowered. They switch partners without regret and they are allowed to do that. Even though I don’t support promiscuity, I am cheering for these women willing to try out each man they want before they settle down with their perfect someone.

Luckily for most people around the world, almost all countries dropped the law against switching partners and even having sex before marriage. Can you imagine waiting for your wedding night to have the sex for the first time in your life? And the person you are married to is and will be the only person you have been with your whole life? I can’t.

But let’s not go ahead of ourselves. Having a high number of partners doesn’t make you sexually satisfied. The whole act does. Having a fun and creative partner does. Is there anything sexier than lighting a candle, a girl in a sexy lingerie, a shirtless man waiting for her in bed? Or a man grabbing her, pushing her against the wall and kissing her strongly?

Unfortunately, not every country in the world can brag about sexual freedom. In third world countries, women are still not allowed to let any men near them before the marriage. Even if the woman is a rape victim, at the end, it is her fault and she is marked for the life! It is no wonder why these women hate sex so much.

But let’s move on to more developed countries and see 15 most sexually satisfied countries in the world.

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