15 Romantic Anniversary Ideas in NYC

It is one of the biggest and most important days for every couple. The day when they started their life together. The day when they transformed from ‘me’ and ‘you’ to ‘us’. And no matter which one is it, you will always want your special someone to feel special on this day. Have you already planned some romantic dinner or some special movie for you two, or maybe you are into something new? We discovered the perfect 15 romantic anniversary ideas in NYC to share with you if you want to surprise your better half.

I am personally afraid of anniversaries. I am always planning everything up front, but, at the same time, I am completely aware of the fact that something will pop up that day in order to mess with my schedule. There is also a big pressure if everything will come out the right way and if that plan will please my special someone. What if he isn’t for a night out? What if he is tired and just wants to finish his work for today and go to sleep? Maybe he forgot this day. Or maybe he is not into it anymore. Or, even worse, he expects his mind to be blown, but my romantic dinner in our house or some fancy restaurant is a complete disappointment. Too many potential bad scenarios and not so many solutions for the problem.

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Luckily for every New York City’s citizen, the city they are living in offers the variety of options for every special occasion. Insider Monkey’s team got the closer look in each one of them and rounded up the perfect fifteen. Personally, I am not such a big fan of dinner dates, especially because it became such a cliche and, in most of the cases, there is no WOW effect. For me, it sounds like the last minute decision after you forgot to arrange anything for that day. On the other hand, when Insider Monkey’s team did a research for their list, they consulted several more resources such as Travel Trips Conde Nast Traveler, and Trip Advisor and they all suggested some restaurant for the perfect anniversary surprise. Maybe it is just me. Maybe people are into it and I am the only one who doesn’t get the whole point of it. The way I see it, every couple needs to take one day off once a month and surprise themselves with some dinner or a drink date and remember why they first fall in love.

But, how to surprise your better half on your anniversary? As we promised, there are 15 well researched and tried out suggestions that Insider Monkey found so far, so let’s check 15 romantic anniversary ideas in NYC that they prepared. But feel free to add something on your own in a comment, we are always opened to something new.

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