15 Romantic Things to Do in NYC in Fall

September has come and it is time to consider romantic things to do in NYC in fall.

New York City is attracting millions of tourists during the whole year and, someone says that it became more romantic place even than Paris. Each season has its special place and Insider Monkey already covered the Summer, but since it is almost the middle of September, if you have missed one of these things to do in New York City or any way missed visiting NYC this Summer, you can check those romantic things to do in NYC in Summer now and prepare yourself for the next year.

But now, we are going to talk about romantic events and surprises you can arrange for your date in NYC during the Fall. Some people say that they don’t like surprises or the romance, but speaking as the experienced person in this area, who until recently thought that the romance is completely out and refused anything that had to do with it, even the candles, I have to admit that, when you have the right person next to you, romantic things seem more and more appealing.

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A few years ago, I was the person that never wanted to get married. The person that got disgusted by the romantic gestures. A person that threw away the hearts she got. But then, I got the right person next to myself. There were no presents, there were no unpleasant surprises. At the very beginning, I told him that I despise romantic things, but I have to admit that there wasn’t anything nicer than walking into his room one night and found dinner, wine, and lit candles waiting for me. And I live in a town where there is nothing really spectacular to do. But imagine experiences you could have if you lived in NYC. The city by itself is beautifully decorated and each part of it is special in its own way. Depending on your and your date’s wishes and interests, you can go to some of the best restaurants in the city, although, in my opinion, dinners are over appreciated and became a bit of a cliche. But imagine the scene. The leaf falls from the trees, the wind is slowly blowing away it towards you, while you and your date lie into each other’s arms, while the carriage rides you through the most beautiful park in the world.

But not everyone has the same view of ’romantic’, which is why the list I am going to present you is compiled by everyone’s desires. So, click on 15 romantic things to do in NYC and surprise your date.

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