15 Smartest Countries in Reading Comprehension

Reading does not just mean sitting in a comfortable armchair, drinking tea and an optional search. Reading it doesn’t have to be boring and passive, and even less useless, so have you ever thought about what are the smartest countries in reading comprehension? The United States, while still the most powerful country in the world, surprisingly does not feature in the list of 15 most intelligent countries in reading comprehension.

One of the smartest countries in reading comprehension is the Netherlands. The reason behind the Netherland’s success in education is the individualized approach adopted by the teachers, who focus on the specific needs of every child. The government of Slovenia has understood the importance of education and has taken it upon itself to deliver top quality education to its citizens to ensure that they have the best possible opportunities in life. That is the reason why Slovenia is on the list of 15 smartest countries in reading comprehension. Poland is also on this list. The system is designed in to allow around 22 years of schooling, an option taken up by many of the students in the country.To introduce a child into the skill of reading and writing means to enable him to understand life -lični and spiritual. It is therefore important to feel the need to read, that it be joy and pleasure. Reading as a process, man perfects his whole life. It starts from the first grade when slowing down the search slowly switches to reading whose speed is approximately equal to the speed of natural speech. When a student masters the reading technique, then the reading speed develops. From a quick reading, the student does not benefit if he does not understand what he has read. The speed of reading goes along with the speed of understanding or understanding of the read. From the level of comprehension of the content of the text depends on the correctness, reading speed and the entire success of reading. Faster and more correct reading leads to a complete understanding and knowledge of the content of the text. In the childhood, the earliest forms and evolutions of reading are developed. Missed in childhood – unread fairy tales, stories, a novel for children or a children’s magazine will never be overdue later. Emptiness effects the impoverishment of a young person, and then the interest in the book is slow and challenging. A child shows little interest in an unknown, unusual, surprising and understandable. It wants to find out more about things, people and human relationships outside of their family environment. It is the beginning of inexhaustible possibilities that the book can fulfill.

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