15 States with the Lowest Rates of Autism in the US

Do the states with the lowest rates of autism in the US have some secret weapon against the autism or is the low number of people diagnosed with it just a pure luck?

Just a few days ago, we opened the first discussion of ours regarding the autism. Unlike now, back then we wanted to find out what the 15 states with the highest rates of autism in America are. But, besides only the clean numbers, we also took a look at some characteristics linked to this condition.

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Unfortunately, not having enough information regarding this mental condition isn’t the fault of the researching team that worked on the list. Scientists from all around the world are struggling for decades to bring up all the evidence they could find linked to autism, but, unfortunately, everything considering the treatment and the cause of autism still remains unrevealed.

The longest war is the one regarding the link between the vaccines and autism. Back in the 1990s, British researchers took a liberty to publish their research where they explained that the MMR vaccine is the main reason why people get the autism. This opened many debates and the rebellions of parents from all around the world. Many of them refused to get their children vaccinated and they still do and their misleading was up fed by the testimonials of other parents whose children got their vaccines and were later diagnosed with autism.

Later on, it was discovered by 12 more research teams that this theory of the MMR vaccines causing the autism was false and that the initial research included only 12 people and that the only thing they had in common was that MMR vaccine. Although governments and scientists from all around the world supported by other parents still agree with further distribution and consumption of MMR vaccine, there are still the ones that blame this vaccine for autism

Before spreading these assumptions, do these people really know what the MMR vaccine is actually for? Probably not meant for affecting children with autism, don’t you think? The only purpose of this vaccine is to prevent diseases and conditions such as mumps, rubella, and measles that were, before the invention of the MMR vaccine, very common among children.

And let me tell you a secret. None of these countries from the list threw the MMR vaccine out. Children are getting treated like in the other parts of the world, which is the biggest proof of the innocence of the MMR vaccine. But what is their secret then?  Let’s see the 15 states with the lowest rates of autism in the US and try figuring it out.

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