15 Things To Do In NYC With Boyfriend

Heading to the romantic vacation in NYC? Here are 15 things to do in NYC with boyfriend that will guarantee you the time of your life.

The truth is, you can make this trip your honeymoon by locking yourselves in a hotel room for several days, but what is the point of booking the vacation and giving up that amount of money just to lay in bed? You can do it at home as well and, in case you are still living with your parents, you can book a hotel room in your own town and stay there for a couple of days, the same thing. I say, let’s get the most of the NYC and see everything that it has to offer while making memories with your stronger half!

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NYC is a place when you can find everything you ever wished for. It is like a separate island where you can meet other culture and find the people with different interests. It is the city that never sleeps and you and your boyfriend can use it to get insomnia but never regret it. You can visit cultural monuments, enjoy different national dishes, or just keep partying all the time.

New York is the city that gives you the impression that you are in the US, Europe, and Asia at the same time. Over there you can be royal, or a reckless kid again who is chasing carousels. Even if you enjoy hiking, you can experience it here in the middle of the summer and you don’t even have to carry heavy equipment on your shoulders and your hands won’t be frozen from touching all that snow and ice. Instead of that, you can just visit the cliffs at LIC and be carried away with climbing, while professionals working there are taking care of your safety. This pleasure will cost you only $49, which is far less than you would spend on the real hiking. Even if you are afraid of the heights, you will be tight up and if you freeze, you can easily let go your hands and your instructor will bring you down safely using the rope.

Or maybe you are not that adventurist and want to feel like you are on the sea in a royal lounge? In that case, book your spot at the Chelsea’s McKittrick Hotel and spend the whole day and night in their beautiful garden enjoying the best cocktails in the NYC. Even if you plan your vacation with your perfect someone, you can come here and enjoy all of its perks next to a fireplace.

Sounds good? Then pack your bags and experience this 15 things to do in NYC with boyfriend and make some beautiful memories!

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