15 Tinder Bios for Finding a Long-Term Relationship

If you are one of those persons finding the love online, here are 15 Tinder bios for finding a long-term relationship.

Finding your match is extremely difficult, especially now after we became such slaves of the technology. Instead of walking into a bar, making the eye-contact, or falling in love with a person on your friend’s party, we ended up deciding on our future relationship and maybe even the parent of our child based on the profile picture and the bio of the person we never even heard of before.

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But that’s the thing with the modern world. We don’t have any photo albums, but online Facebook and Instagram pictures. We don’t have journals and diaries to record our thoughts, but Twitter. We don’t use the post office to make international calls, but Viber and Whatsapp. And we don’t find our soul mate on the streets, but apps like Tinder.

Well, if the situation is like this, we could at least take the most of it. Instead of just uploading your pictures and updating your basic information, put something intriguing on your profile as well that will attract more people to your account and you will be having much wider options.

If you have decided to take my advice, then you should sit and think of yourself, who you are, what you are like, and what your interests are. I guess that being funny is the number one on your list of representative material, but if you are more serious in nature, skip it a bit. I am no one to judge, but if someone gets the impression that he or she will fall off the chair every time you open your mouth, but instead they end up with someone who is more ‘lets talk straight forward about everything and in every situation because I am always overthinking everything’, it will make you some kind of a liar and you don’t want to do that to your potential special someone. Instead of that, better be direct and explain in only one sentence what you are looking for. Is ‘’Looking for something serious’’ too difficult for you to type? I don’t think so. And people looking at your profile will know what you wish for. You can be more specific by also updating your bio with the physical and mental appearance you are looking for, the education level, or something similar, but, take my advice on this and don’t. This might surprise you, but even if you get the feeling that you will marry some blue-eyed person the moment you see him or her, someone with brown eyes can easily make you the happiest person on Earth. I know I was wrong about that.

So let’s see the 15 best Tinder bios for finding a long-term relationship.

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