15 Unfriendliest Cities in the US in 2019

Now here is an article from Insider Monkey about the 15 unfriendliest cities in the US in 2019, it’s title can be a little odd to you, but the fact that we need to deal with topics like this, indicates that the US has an increasing issue of intolerance in the country. Intolerance which poisons the everyday life of ours, and which we have to cope with in a daily period.

Racism is only one form of an unfriendly and intolerant society. You would think that racism may be decreasing in our modern world, but unfortunately it’s increasing! With modern society we have more time, or we should have more time to be tolerant and patient to the others. But it works quite to the contrary! People are getting more impatient and selfish. And when a whole city is getting to be intolerant it also means that visitors prefer to avoid it and – it can end up on list like this!

What do you think which cities are on the list of 15 unfriendliest cities in the US in 2019? If you are a resident of a city said to be unfriendly, what is opinion about it? Do you agree? What do you consider the main reasons of this ranking?

 Now, without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for us! Here are the unfriendliest cities in the US:
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15. Providence

Providence has got the first place on this list. Residents of Providence are regarded to be dull and self-contained, dispite tha fact that LGBT people are welcomed here.

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14. New Haven

New Haven can’t make a boast of too many sights to see, and it seems  it’s not only dull a bit, but unfriendly too.

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13. Hartford

Hartford’s culinary has improved recently, yet many visitors think it’s desolate and it really needs huge changes to make its ranking better.

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12. Atlantic City

When a city has to face with poverty or rampant crime, than the general atmosphere isn’t too friendly there. That’s why Atlantic City got on the list.

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11. New Ark

New Ark is considered to be car theft capital of the country – I firmly believe that nobody will wonder why it can be found here.

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10. Seattle

There’s a term, Seattle Freeze to show Seattle residents are very hard to make a friendship with. No wonder, you can see it on our list now.

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9. Los Angeles

Los Angeles can be a little contraversial city, because there are many, who love it – since they nurse hopes to meet celebrities – but others do not like visiting it, due to its crimes and bad trafic.

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8. Dallas

Southern hospitality is pretty famous, but as Dallas is a little less friendly than the others in its neighborhood, it has got on this list as well.

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7. San Francisco

San Francisco is a really attractive city, but as for some reasons the cost of living has extremely increased, lots of residents have become snobby, which of course makes others feel disturbed.

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6. Chicago

This city is usually an attractive destination for the visitors, but it also has got the 6th place on this list, because of the gang wars and increasing crime.

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5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is widely famous for being the entertainment capital of the country, but visitors don’t really appreciate the antics and behavior that dominate the city at present.

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