16 Best Couples Cooking Classes For Date Night in NYC

Want to take a girl on a date, but want to be more original than taking her to a drink? We have an idea. Why don’t you take her to some of 16 best couples cooking classes for date night in NYC?

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Taking a girl out for a drink or dinner became some sort of cliché and a bit boring. Girls nowadays prefer surprises and more original or traditional approaches than sending a message via Facebook to meet in a bar. It is like men forgot how to be impulsive. Just a decade ago, there were flirting everywhere you looked. No one ever knew what was waiting for them at the end of the day. You could have met your date in a grocery store while picking oranges or even on a sidewalk while you were waiting for the green light. And not to even mention bars. Waiters had much trouble remembering who bought a drink for whom, but at least they weren’t bored at their jobs and always had something to tell when they got home. But nowadays all the meetings and dates are scheduled via the internet or smartphones. Have we even forgotten how to communicate in person? And when you finally get the chance to ask someone out, so suddenly run out of ideas for topics to talk about and even places to go to.

Fortunately for you, If you are the resident of the Big Apple, there are multiple ways to be original. New York City is offering all kinds of different events and features to surprise someone. And, instead of taking your date to a dinner in some fancy restaurant where you will spend your whole weekly salary and just look at the menus while people are staring at you, why wouldn’t you be fun for a change and take your date to learn to make dinner together? We guarantee you that she would be surprised because, really, who would expect that? And the best part of this is that making food with your date is so sensual and hot. It is the best aphrodisiac that you can imagine.

This is why Insider Monkey’s research team found a great way for you two to have the best entertainment for a date, and even continue it after. Who knows, maybe your date would prefer breakfast in bed the next morning to examine your knowledge from last night. So let’s check out those 16 best couples cooking classes for date night in NYC.

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