16 Best Vacations for Retired Couples

If you are a retired couple and your are fond of traveling you really need to read Insider Monkey’s article about the best vacations for retired people. Being retired is the perfect time you enjoy your golden age an take part in great adventures in the different parts of the world. These adventures don’t need to be expensive, or too busy, as the main point is to discover cities, countries or regions where we haven’t been before. As you are retired, you might be on a budget, so this compilation will also help you to find your retirement travel on a budget. Expensive travels are not everything, the most important thing is to get beautiful experiences.

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Insider Monkey not only has made a thorough research work, but they have also researched the crime rate and food availability as well as the transportation system. So you don’t need to surf on the net any more, but to check the list we have come up with.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the  best vacations for retired people from their list.

The first country is Spain. If you want to go to a country that the home of sunshine, wines, amazing beaches and fantastic music. Yes, mainly young couples visit it, but older ones can find their happiness there. And you are young in you heart, right? There are wonderful cathedrals to go, and you can have some delicious sangria for you dinner. Spanish people are great hosts, so you will surely spend a great time there. The second country is Costa Rica. This country is wonderful, popular and one of the cheapest vacation spots for those who are retired. The average cost for a single person is not more than $29! It’s good news, isn’t it?And what is the meal like? Tasty and affordable! So what are you waiting for? Discover Costa Rica with your spouse. At last, but not least we are mentioning Israel now. You can find everything in country: ancient culture, history, religion, and current events, one of the most delicious fruits in the world, wonderful beaches, nice people, busy markets.  You will spend one of the happiest vacations in Israel, if you choose this unique country.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 16 best vacations for retired people.

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