16 Biggest Internet Hoaxes In the World

The Internet is a great source of information, but sometimes people use it just to mess with people’s heads for their own fun. So let’s see 16 biggest internet hoaxes in the world.

The first media were newspapers. Their purpose was clear: to inform people about the most important events and government’s decisions. As clear as that. But people thought that they could do better, and they were right. They invented the radio, where people could hear about the most important news every few hours without any wait. After that, there was a TV that was both informative and entertains. But what was the problem with this kind of informing through media? Simple, every news and report were one-time-said. The once who got them that day stayed tuned and that’s all. People still had to buy several books and spend their whole days in libraries to find out the right information and not to mention students that had to prepare for final exams. So people took one more step further to help the society and they invented the Internet.

Pixabay/Public Domain

The purpose was clear again: informing people, but this time, it was on the global level, and, even better, all of the information was stashed and available every time people needed them. Even a few years later. But what happened to be the problem at the end? The government forbade the freedom of speech. No matter what they say, we all know it. We all know that before some news regarding the government has to pass through their hands before it is published. We all know that people are afraid of releasing some information because of the serious consequences they might face eventually. So now, we are again in the position to either believe everything we read on the Internet or in the newspaper or in everything we hear over the radio or a TV or simply not believe in anything. We can beat our heads against the wall as much as we want but that’s the world we live in.

But, if the information that is true can’t be published and shared with the rest of the world, how can lies spread so freely? I get it how some governments sometimes spread it and pay a good fee to some newspapers to release some covered truth, but how can people allow some tough pranks to become viral? And who does that anyway? And why?

Let’s take a second and forget about the fact that this is all about Internet hoaxes. People need something to believe in. They are all sick and tired of being lied to. They need people of justice to claim justice. They need their government to lead the country. And they need media to inform them. They need media for real information. They need to get back faith in humanity. But nowadays we can actually trust no one. And even when some news is true, we are doubting, just in case, because media are just a boy who yelled ’wolf’. We need to be careful even when we are online. We can trust no one. Because there are people believing in it and there are people using their trust. And these 16 biggest internet hoaxes that fooled the world are the evidence!

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